By: John Ford, Photography by: John Ford

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The TriXsta 48 is the invention of Anglapro Boats owner Derek Rodway. When we reviewed the original TriXsta 39 – a 3.9m version – a couple of years back it impressed as an economical and versatile compact runabout. The recently released TriXsta 48 retains all the good features and adds space and improved on-water performance.



Trixsta 48

Anglapro has given the tough tinnie a new lease on life with a simple towing tower that adds a fun dimension to boating pared back to a simpler form. It has done this without compromising the Anglapro name because, if anything, the tower adds to fishing activities by providing a handy leaning post for security when casting in choppy conditions.

The 4.8m TriXsta hull is strongly constructed with an X Core matrix under the floor and all floor ribs continuing as ribs along the sides for added rigidity to the 3mm bottom and sides. It’s a method that adds cost and you won’t see it in most high-volume production boats

Anglapro call this its Sabre hull, suggesting the shape cuts cleanly through chop. To give a softer ride Anglapro has reasoned that flare in the bow should be kept to a minimum to allow water to flow freely away rather than banging on areas of flatter metal. The bow entry drops quickly to increase waterline length adding to buoyancy and increasing theoretical top speed.


Aluminium watersports boat

Anglapro Trixsta 48

As might be expected in this innovative TriXsta the interior design continues the crossover theme and adds a twist to traditional raised-deck bow seating by continuing a lounge back into the cockpit to amidships along the starboard side.

Dark grey cushions form a sunpad in the bow, with the added comfort of padded coamings and all vinyl trimmed in bright green for a sporty, youthful appeal. This is a great area when the boat is used in social mode and the cushions can be easily removed to reveal a full-width carpeted casting deck up front.

There’s also the option of removing the central infill for side seating, although I’m sure the big lounger will have wide appeal especially as it allows lots of storage space below for towels and umbrellas for a picnic on a secluded beach. With a maximum payload of five adults, everyone should be able to find a comfortable spot.



Trixsta 48 deck layout

A single helm seat on a movable pedestal is standard but the test boat also came with a co-pilot chair set to port and slightly behind the skipper. Being fully rotating, it serves well as an observer’s seat when towing watertoys. Two seats with backrests are set at the transom corners and with all the rear seats having a bright green panel over dark grey, along with a dark floor carpet, everything ties together really well.

Over the well is the feature that most sets the TriXsta apart: a robust tubular tower welded to the transom and braced by aluminium coamings that extend from the sides around the back. It features a tow hook as well as two rodholders and gives the little boat a quirky impression that creates a “What the?” moment on first sight.

A compact side console is designed to give maximum deck space, while still managing to provide enough room for a rounded dash with a 5in Elite CHIRP sounder and a VesselView 4 for the 75hp Mercury four-stroke. A low screen over the dash deflected air when underway and is protected by a well-braced grabrail around its perimeter. It’s a sensible addition as too often we see screens without protection that are begging to be snapped off when someone uses them to steady themselves when moving around.


Handling and ride

Anglapro Trixsta 48 on the water

Anglapro rates the TriXsta 48for use with outboard engines between 60 and 80hp, but given the sports orientation of the boat it would seem logical to opt for the most grunt so the 75hp Mercury outboard promised to be a good choice. Fitted with a 15in four-blade prop it performed pretty well out of the hole and gave a top speed of more than 30kts.

We didn’t get the opportunity to test its pulling power with someone behind but as it’s designed more for doughnuts and surfboards rather than wakeboards and ski’s, I can see no reason why it shouldn’t be up to the task. That said, there probably should be an over-rider here because this is a light hull with relatively strong power so care should be taken to teach inexperienced drivers the art of towing.

Handling is well sorted with aggressive chines giving lots of grip in corners. The hull leans predictably at speed and showed no sign of cavitation with the leg down and full power applied.


The Trade-a-Boat verdict

Trixsta 48 hull

To trick your Tri TriXsta 48 even further is a range of accessories to enhance both the fun and fishing experience. You can include a bimini, bow dining table, portside galley with sink and freshwater, and a bowrail to keep the kids safe. For more serious anglers add a baitboard, plumbed livetank and a killtank to the options list. Anglapro is a custom builder, so fly any innovations past them and they will try to make it work for you.

Derek and the Anglapro Boats team deserve credit for their ongoing efforts in bringing innovation to the local boating scene. The TriXsta’s light weight means it can be easily towed by a family car and at with a price of $35,000 for the TriXsta 48 (as tested) it should provide hours of fun for everyone in the family.



• Well designed and built

• Good handling and ride

• Lots of freeboard and room to move



• None found


Anglapro TriXsta 48 sea trials

Single 75hp Mercury four-stroke outboard motor.

1000 3
1500 5
2000 6
2500 7
3000 (on the plane) 10
3500 18
4000 21
4500 26
5000 28
5500 31
5600 (WOT) 32

* Sea-trial data supplied by the author.



Anglapro TriXsta 48 price: $35,000 (price as tested)



Engine upgrade, second removable seat, Elite 5 sounder and painted sides






MATERIAL Aluminium alloy

TYPE Planing monohull


BEAM 2.2m





REC. HP RANGE 60 to 80

FUEL 80lt