The highly refined skills of a Sniper means they can not only hit their target with precise accuracy but apply their skills in any environment. That’s how we designed our deep V side console. It’s the ultimate cross over. Stable and capable in enclosed waters and tough and comfortable in the rough stuff.

The Sniper is fully equipped to target fish, anywhere. 3mm bottom and sides with aggressive ribbing support means you can have total confidence in your hull strength. A Deep V dead rise means you don’t have to slow down in the chop. The interior features the decking, storage, tanks and electronics you need to enjoy fuss free fishing. The Sniper package will give you the confidence to step your fishing up to the next level.

The Sniper is a masterpiece to behold with the design features all working to together to produce a fishing platform that lacks nothing. There is a hidden ingredient as well called the X factor. Hidden deep within the pedigree of this vessel, the Sniper slaps a smile on your dial which only comes from driving a boat that thrills you. It’s an Aluminium fishing boat that performs like a sports boat.

The Sniper is a precise target hunter. As with any Anglapro, we want to make the boat how you want it, so give us your wish list!

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