Anglapro Outlaw 404 Boat Review

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by Dom Wiseman

If you lined up all the models and brands of aluminium boats on the market, the list would be larger than the number of political scandals we see these days. Thankfully with all the hot competition that this number of manufacturers brings, the prices are anything but scandalous and quite simply, there is no better place to start looking for an entry level inshore fishing boat.

Outlaw_404P running into southern estuary

Firmly entrenched in a relatively short period of time in this competitive field is the Anglapro brand. Designed primarily by Derek Rodway the Anglapro boats combine a tough construction ethos with competitive prices. They have a veritable feast of models but the Anglapro Outlaw models are a complete fishing package in a dedicated side-console arrangement which is perfect as a fishing boat. The beauty of this set-up is that it leaves mountains of room for lure or bait fishermen and even in this smaller model, the internal room is impressive.

Outlaw_404P fishing 2

For a family, or a keen angler who still wants to be able to tow his boat with a small vehicle, the Outlaw is perfect and comes in at about 550kg on trailer making it well within reach of a standard family sedan and possibly even less. The beauty of aluminium boats is the weight they are able to achieve, but don’t for a minute think less weight means less strength. Unlike similar sized boats, the Outlaw is made of 3mm aluminium sheets all round which will keep this boat feeling solid for years to come. The thicker construction will also keep twisting to a minimum which offers peace of mind and safety considering what the harsh Australian environment can dish up, even in an inshore environment.

Outlaw_404P running 2

Anglapro have stuck well to their ethos of solid construction, great value-for-money boats with an array of options and a sturdy feel and the Outlaw 404 embodies this. The Outlaw is essentially fitted up so you can kit it up. Potential buyers of these styles of boats are well aware of the array of fishing options available, be they electrical or mechanical and the team at Anglapro have the desire to make sure you can fit everything you think you need and those items you want but don’t really have to have but just like the look of. In essence, there’s nothing you don’t need off the bat, but the guys will make sure you can fit what you do. For freshwater or impoundment angling the side console matches comfort and maxed out onboard space with a stable hull constructed of 3mm aluminium all round.

What impressed us most was the stability of the Outlaw 404 and while it is capable of fishing three strong, two people is as many as I’d like to be fishing with if casting lures constantly. Any seasoned fisherman will appreciate the space two people allows with each able to command his own space at the bow and stern of the boat. Movement around the boat is also easy and the stable nature of this hull is quite obvious.

Outlaw_404P side console

Most side console designs are well thought and by having the console to the side, the cockpit is opened up creating a large deep flat floor space which is safe for children and up front an expansive forward casting platform which can feature a pedestal seat mount if you like. The front casting platform is perfect for the captain to sit or lean against a pedestal and plug casts into his favourite fishy hidey-holes. The floor is flat and comfortable and smartly a light colour carpet making sure that the floor is never too hot to stand on. The space created by the forward platform and sunken floor also leaves room in the port side of the hull for a rod holder which can accommodate an arsenal of rods, perfect to keep these items out of the way or your clumsy mate or simply to keep the floor clear for fishing.

Storage, often a problem in small 4m boats is well thought out with the bulk of space up-front under the forward casting platform which will accommodate safety gear and some tackle bags if need be. It keeps the items accessible and again the floor open and uncluttered. There is no anchor well on this model, which perhaps isn’t surprising given most often anglers are using these rigs while casting lures under the power of an electric engine. That said, it would be a handy addition, but you can keep the rope and anchor in the storage space under the front casting deck too. There is also enough space here for a healthy plumbed live-well, an option almost always added by keen fishos, which is positioned almost centre and rightly so due to its enormous capacity which could upset the balance of the boat had the positioning been an afterthought.

Outlaw 404P Casting a Line

The small fibreglass console itself features more storage but it is quite small and really only offers a minor windbreak and a mount for the steering wheel. It may be small, but undoubtedly adds to the internal space available in the boat. A bigger console may offer more protection but with space the primary goal, it is just about right for this size vessel. The only downside here is that the small console will hopuse a small sounder, but but larger units may require more thought. They could be placed on the port side on a separate RAM mount or alternatively you could remove the small Perspex windscreen and place it on top of the console.

Outlaw 404P Fishing
The standard electric motor plate adds feel to this inshore fisher with Anglapro partnering with the ever popular Minn Kota brand for their fit outs. The extra wide gunwales add a classy feel while also being useful when fishing in tight situations. Their width also allows easy fitment of downriggers and rod holders, not to mention a comfy seat when idling or at anchor.

Outlaw_404P front livewell
Power is delivered by a four-stroke Suzuki outboard and the Outlaw 404 gets out of the hole speedily and continues to pour on the power in an effortless fashion. The hull corners smoothly with no cavitation and the hulls beds into the corner is a safe and secure fashion. Due to the flat nature of the test day, it was hard to ascertain choppy water handling but considering the construction, angle of entry and design elements it would handle as well as any aluminium boat in its class.
This package sits neatly on a Dunbier skid trailer. The skid trailer is a perfect fit for the Outlaw 404 with its light weight negating the need for rollered trailers. In addition, skids mean less maintenance in the long run.
Priced from $15,990 ex Syd with a 30hp 2 stroke Suzuki, the Outlaw 404 is a perfect small sized pocket rocket fishing boat capable of being handled by one, or accommodating many. The internal space is what makes this boat so effective as an fisher and the construction and quality is as good as you’ll find.

Boat Specifications

LOA 4.0m
Beam 1.88m
Max hp 40 Freeboard 550mm Bottom 3mm Sides 3mm
Hull Warranty 3 years

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