One of the world’s most challenging problems is how do you get a boat for the family that makes everyone happy? How do you get a boat that can do everything? We at Anglapro have had the same question disturbing our sleep for years until we figured out the solution. We started with our magical Sabre hull, we only added what was critical to each model size – heaps of room, storage, a wake pole and good looks. The pedigree of TriXsta was born. It doesn’t matter what your budget or size preference is, there is a TrIxsta set up just right for you. What we have created is an awesome water sports tow boat, great all purpose fishing platform, perfect family beach hopping and cruise boat, the ideal fun for everyone package.

TrIXsta hulls are the great all-rounder with simple design features, super tough construction and strikingly good looks! Pick your size, option it to suit your style and enjoy everything you can do on the water. A TriXsta will pull anything from a tube to a surfboard and every water toy in between. TriXsta puts ease of use, storage sensibility and good looks into the common tinnie and converts it into a tough tinnie package with so much fun for everyone!

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