Greater fuel efficiency while the design is lightweight and compact.

The DF25/30 are the lightest, fastest and strongest in their class and are now engineered with Lean Burn.
The DF25 – world’s lightest at 62kgs

Greater Ease of Use, Compact with Excellent Acceleration and more economical operation

World’s First in Class: The new compact and lightweight 25/30 outboards feature a battery-less electronic fuel injection system.

The New Generation DF25 and DF30 Feature many New Technological Advances!

Offset Crankshaft: Positioning the crankshaft slightly off center of the cylinder improves operating efficiency.

Direct Intake and Engine Cover:  A new engine cover design provides the direct intake system with a smoother, cooler flow of air boosting engine operation.

-Direct Intake and Engine Cover Ventilation

-First in Class with Roller Rocker Arms

-Offset Crankshaft

-Easy Start Recoil

Packed with Features: Excellent mid-range torque combined with light-weight results in excellent acceleration.  Engine Monitoring LED Indicators: Keeps you informed of operating conditions
Exceptionally easy to start.

DF8/9.9/15/20 deliver greater fuel effciency while the design is lightweight and compact. Featuring Lean Burn technology for more affordable boating.

DF4/5/6: These Compact and Lightweight Suzuki Engines have Clean Burning, fuel efficient operation

Power to Go: Single cylinder 4-Stroke OHV engine with large displacement for excellent power output and great portability.

Packed with Features: Excellent mid-range torque combined with light weight, results in excellent acceleration

Easy on Environment: Suzuki’s fuel efficient 4-stroke operation takes you further on a tank of fuel than any other comparable 2-stroke.

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