Exciting performance and outstanding fuel efficiency 

Suzuki engines are designed from the ground up to deliver exciting performance and outstanding fuel efficiency. The DF70, DF80 and DF90 are leading the 4-stroke revolution.

After Starting the 4-Stroke Revolution Suzuki has Reinvented this Category.

Offset Driveshaft: Suzuki pioneered the use of the offset driveshaft with the original DF90 in 2002 and continues to deliver improved performance, balance and a better ride

Superior Fuel Saving: Patented LEAN BURN technology provides improvements in fuel economy – 32 bit computer for precise control and engine management

Advanced Performance: These mid-range engines come packed with advanced features and
utilise a double overhead cam (DOHC).

The DF70 is the largest capacity 70hp in its class!

Suzuki’s oil bathed timing chains – with lifetime durability – are a marked improvement over timing belts used by others!

DF40, DF50 and DF60 engines use a compact double overhead cam. Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System delivers superior power and performance along with class leading fuel economy. Compact design
packs a punch!

Introducing Suzuki’s Big Performing High-Tech, Lightweight Outboards:

  • DOHC 12-Valve Engine: Suzuki engineers have designed 3 all-new inline three-cylinder engines with a compact double overhead camshaft (DOHC) powerhead and four valves per cylinder
  • Lean Burn Control System: Predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions allowing for a more efficient fuel mixture
  • Fuel Saving Efficiency: Suzuki’s Multi-Point Sequential Fuel Injection delivers maximum fuel efficiency
  • High Energy Rotation Model (DF60AV): Lowest gear ratio in it’s class equals 58% more thrust than standard model. Lightest weight high thrust 60hp available.
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