4.10 Challenger

Classic V-nose punt design.

The 4.10 Challenger is a classic V-nose punt design.  The pronounced reverse chines provide a degree of stability at rest that is unmatched by many other boats in this class.

The 4.10 Challenger features a full floor, front and rear casting decks and generous under floor storage help keep the boat tidy and clutter-free.

The 4.10 Challenger’s twin front 110L storage bins can be used as an ice box or storage for all the gear you need for a great day on the water.

Available in Open, Centre Console and Side Console models and in eight great classic Polycraft colours.

The soft, quiet ride of the 4.10 Challenger distinguishes it from many other boats in its size class.  The reason for the great ride lies in the Polyethylene hull, which absorbs on-water vibration and noise into the hull and not the occupants.

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The 4.10 Challenger Open is suitable for recreational fishing and boating in creeks and protected bays.

The hull is a V-nose punt design, with reverse chines to provide awesome stability at rest and responsive turning at speed.

The soft, quiet ride distinguishes the 4.10 Challenger from many boats in its class as the Polyethylene hull absorbs on water vibrations and noise into the hull and not its occupants.

The 4.10 Open has high sides for safe boating and has a well laid out interior that provides storage for safety equipment, fishing tackle, fuel tank and other gear.

It is a popular choice for creek fishing and crabbing.

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Enjoy all the great features of the 4.10 Challenger Centre Console which has the benefit of a central helm position for great all round visibility, while at the same time retaining a substantial open floor area.

The Centre Console has extra storage facilities within the console while still allowing easy access to the front and rear storage bins and casting decks.

All your electronic equipment such as sounders and engine gauges can be conveniently located on the centre console dash for easy viewing and operation.

The forward positioning of the console enhances the balance and performance of the boat.

The pronounced reverse chines on the 4.10 Centre Console provide an incredible degree of stability when it is at rest and underway.

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The 4.10 Challenger Side Console with its well laid out interior is the boat for creeks and freshwater impoundments.

The Side Console comes standard with an upholstered swivel seat and pedestal box that has built in storage facilities for batteries and/or fishing tackle.

The contoured side console is fitted with a tinted windscreen to help keep the driver and electronics protected from wind and spray.

There is also additional dry storage facilities located within the console itself.

The 4.10 Challenger Side Console is suitable for competition Bream and Bass fishing as the twin 110 litre front storage bins can easily be converted into livewells etc.

The boat also sports a large front and rear casting deck which all serious anglers will appreciate.


  1. Anchor well
  2. Cleat
  3. Stainless steel bow rails
  4. Front hatches with storage
  5. Stainless steel grab rails
  6. Rear hatches with storage
  7. Rod holders
  8. Aluminium transom plate