By: John Ford, Photography by: John Ford

The latest aluminium fishing rig from Anglapro Boats is a stylish rig at a genuinely attractive price.

What is it about the Anglapro Sniper 484 that attracts such attention? For one thing, as an under-5m aluminium fishing boat, it’s in the most popular section of the market, where quality and price are readily comparable and multiple internet forums speak freely about any boat that doesn’t perform.

These smaller-sized tinnies are the backbone of the Australian boating scene, with thousands of boaties having learned their skills on them as youngsters. They are eminently versatile too, for as well as plying rivers, lakes and estuaries, surprisingly small boats such as these are often seen offshore on the right day.



Anglapro Sniper 484

Bottom and sides on the Anglapro Sniper 484 are 3mm pressed aluminium, with the option to upgrade to a 4mm bottom and transom if desired, although the new X-Core construction gives the 3mm sheets plenty of strength and stiffness.

Ten sets of floor ribs running each side of an internal keel are set around 300mm apart and welded to matching side ribs to create a substantial backbone. This gives the hull an inherent strength that allows the use of flat side panels for the appearance of plate without the weight and extra cost.

The floor and casting decks are covered in 18mm marine ply, itself clad in weatherproof carpet for a soft feel underfoot and plenty of grip.

Weight for the hull is 470kg so even after you add an engine and trailer it’s still only a 900kg package – capable of being towed by smaller family vehicles.

Adding even more rigidity and structural integrity to the Anglapro Sniper 484 review boat was a 180mm side deck that had the optional fully welded construction rather than being stitched into place. Anglapro Boats maintains the standard system is bulletproof, so perhaps it’s a cosmetic touch but one that will also give owners added confidence.

The hull is Anglapro’s latest Sabre design with a moderately deep 16-degree deadrise matched to aggressive chines and four subtle strakes each side. A spray rail fitted up front, at the junction of bottom and sides, is an option and although we found the ride dry on the day of our test, it would be useful in a stiff breeze.



Anglapro Sniper 484 fishing deck

Designing the cockpit of any small fishing boat is about using all the space available and making it easy to get around the boat quickly when fighting a decent fish. Many drivers dislike tiller steer in this size boat, so the side console layout makes sense.

This layout offers an open cockpit and a comfortable helm position in choppy water, with the ability to fit raised front and rear casting decks. Our Sniper follows this now familiar approach with a couple of variations.

The interior looks neat and uncluttered and the grey colour scheme following over from the hull gives a modern understated impression.

A simple roller and an aluminium crosstree sit on a modest bowsprit ahead of an open anchor well big enough for a decent length of rope if you want to drop the pick over an ocean reef. Short rails running along the sides front and rear provide additional tie-off points at a dock.

There’s also a mounting plate welded on the port side, ready to take an electric motor, plus space under the casting deck for a battery.

A raised casting deck dominates the front third of the boat and is high enough to make a difference to casting distance and spotting fish. It also provides a big storage space and an 80L roto-moulded hold. Depending on your fishing preferences this can be set up as a keeper tank with a divider and optional recirculating pump or converted to a kill tank.

Freeboard is minimal on the high deck but substantially increased at floor level and the deck height allows the wide side decks to double as seats when the fishing is slow – or by passengers when underway as there are only two seats but a maximum payload of five people.


Low transom

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You could mount navigation screens up to about 12in on the dash, so the Lowrance Elite 4 fitted with lots of space and gave enough information for depth and location.

A second raised deck runs forward of the transom and while narrower, it’s still suitable for fishing. Hatches in the deck reveal a central battery box, with a live-bait tank and a general-purpose hold either side.

Some may think the flat transom and low engine well not suitable for offshore fishing but Derek from Goodtimes Marine assured me he has never seen water in the well over many trips offshore. For those who remain unconvinced, there are the options of a raised lip around the well or a full transom incorporating a live well and storage bin but no raised deck.

Other features include welded rod storage on the sides, six rod racks ahead of the console, port and starboard storage pockets and a passenger seat that can be moved to other locations when fishing.


The Trade-a-Boat verdict

Casting deck on Anglapro Sniper 484

Anglapro deliberately packaged the Anglapro Sniper 484 to meet the sub-$30,000 price and I think it does it in style. Price as tested, with painted sides, spray chines, bow mount plate, fully welded side deck and extra rod holders, and upgraded GPS is $29,800 but the range starts at $27,990. That’s good buying with standard features including kill tank, front and rear casting decks, motor well, white paint inside and out, plumbed live bait tank, nav lights, anchor light, five-way switch panel, 12v socket, bilge pump and Elite 4x fishfinder.

The Anglapro Sniper 484 is a great-looking and sturdily built craft from a builder that’s happy to fill customer expectations with a raft of options.



• Good value and well engineered

• Great handling and ride

• Stylish appearance and well finished

• Stable enough for offshore adventures



• Fuel-line routing could be neater

• Not everyone likes a low transom



Anglapro Sniper 484 price: $27,990

Priced from



painted hull, bow mount plate, spray chines, fully welded side deck, extra rod holders and GPS upgrade






MATERIAL 3mm alloy

TYPE Monohull


BEAM 2.1m

WEIGHT 470kg




FUEL 70lt