Is there any wonder that Anglapro’s Chaser 424 is one of the most popular boats in our range?  Quintessentially Australian, it is tough enough to treat with the same level of care that most Aussie blokes give their own bodies, ie you can knock them around a fair bit and they’ll be ready to get back up and go, again and again!  Big enough to get offshore on the right day and chase whatever species you choose.  Heck, apparently one of our customers was seen with his out at the shelf one day chasing tuna! Not that we’re endorsing this – as we have less faith in the southern ocean’s variable conditions than we have in Anglapro’s X-core construction and Suzuki’s reliability!  Small enough to pull around with a sedan and find a spot for at home, or throw in off the beach at Killarney to chase squid and whiting, and drop-net for a few crays (why would you ever want anything else – is that not the dream trifecta right there??).  Affordable enough to fit into most budgets.  Simple enough that you can leave it sit for months at a time and just know that you can pull it out when the weather fits in with an early knock-off – and there’s no steering to be seized up, or complicated electronics or trailer brakes to fail.

It’s called the Chaser.  Here’s one that went out this week.

IMG_0346IMG_0343 IMG_0344 IMG_0345