The Stabicraft 1600 Fisher Carbon is a 16 foot trailerable aluminium powerboat that challenges conventional marine industry thinking through clever user-centered design. The Stabicraft Design Team asked, “what problems are we trying to solve and how can we improve the end-user’s experience?” Areas of opportunity were: – Aesthetic value and differentiation – Laborious anchoring systems – Viewing from helm when seated – Multiple seating options – Better productivity through manufacturing process Using a carbon fibre composite material for the cabin allowed Stabicraft the freedom to create a style not easily achieved with aluminium. The 1600 Fisher Carbon has a unique look, but remains true to the Stabicraft ‘DNA’. The inclusion of the windlass anchoring system allows users to operate it while seated at the helm, a rare commodity on a 16ft boat. A large ‘dip-down’ in the windscreen allows unparalleled viewing from the helm. 2 helm seats, 2 fold up seats and 2 large side areas for seating offers multiple seating options. Finally, a 10% productivity increase was achieved through the use of composite materials. The Stabicraft 1600 Fisher Carbon inspires people to go boating.