4th April 2016

Stabicraft 1600 Fisher Carbon reaches the pinnacle of design recognition – a Red Dot Design Award

Stabicraft, the largest trailer boat manufacturer in New Zealand, has reached new heights with the 1600 Fisher Carbon, it has won a highly sought after Red Dot Award.

For decades now, the Red Dot Design Award has provided a platform where designers can measure themselves against the top names in the industry. In 2015 alone, Red Dot received more than 17,000 applications from 70 countries. This makes the competition, which comprises of the three categories Product Design, Design Concept and Communication Design, one of the world’s largest design competitions.

First introduced to the market at the 2015 Hutchwilco Boat Show, the 1600 Fisher, also referred to as Project Carbon, blends the company’s famous lines with resin infused composite materials, moving the vessel’s aesthetic and ergonomic attributes forward to meet customer demand.

The 1600 Fisher has met instant success with customers and now, along with the Red Dot award, has become a triple award winner recognised for both innovation and overall product design at the regional Westpac Business Awards, the prestigious Designers Institute “Best Design” Awards.

Asked to comment on the process behind the award winning design, Stabicraft managing director Paul Adams said, “A key aspect of our design philosophy demands that every Stabicraft be instantly recognizable in this world of follow-the-leaders.”

The Stabicraft 1600 Fisher Carbon, with its uncompromisingly sharp contours extends the essence of our brand, brilliantly designed to meet the needs of our customers, built into an extreme, awe-inspiring fishing platform that is unmistakably Stabicraft. “We are pushing the boundaries of what has previously been considered ‘the norm’ in the marine industry”.

Stabicraft are pioneers of innovative marine craft all designed and built on a deep understanding of boating needs. To add award-winning form with functionality and obtain global recognition for it, is central to Stabicrafts continued success.

The Stabicraft 1600 Fisher Carbon is a 16 foot trailerable aluminium powerboat that challenges conventional marine industry thinking through clever user-centered design. The Stabicraft Design Team asked, “what problems are we trying to solve and how can we improve the end-user’s experience?” Areas of opportunity were: – Aesthetic value and differentiation – Laborious anchoring systems – Viewing from helm when seated – Multiple seating options – Better productivity through manufacturing process Using a carbon fibre composite material for the cabin allowed Stabicraft the freedom to create a style not easily achieved with aluminium. The 1600 Fisher Carbon has a unique look, but remains true to the Stabicraft ‘DNA’. The inclusion of the windlass anchoring system allows users to operate it while seated at the helm, a rare commodity on a 16ft boat. A large ‘dip-down’ in the windscreen allows unparalleled viewing from the helm. 2 helm seats, 2 fold up seats and 2 large side areas for seating offers multiple seating options. Finally, a 10% productivity increase was achieved through the use of composite materials. The Stabicraft 1600 Fisher Carbon inspires people to go boating.

1600 Fisher Carbon (7) 1600 Fisher Carbon (8) 1600 Fisher Carbon (9)