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For an upfront fee of $250, we do ALL the marketing for you. Don’t limit yourself to one or two advertising avenues. Get access to the whole online spectrum. PLUS our general dealership enquiries. We give the buyer(s) your phone number, and you take over from there.

You know the boat better than anyone, and are well-equipped to answer buyers’ questions. The boat can remain where it is and you make arrangements to suit. By passing the enquiries on to the seller to handle, the fee is only 6 percent of the sale price if a sale is made. (So for a boat that sells for say $15,000, the fee is only $900).

Plus, we’ll help along the way with advice, assistance, negotiations and follow-up.

“Polycraft was the only choice for my boat business - hardwearing, no maintenance and easy to put into survey with the survey standard foaming option.”
Rob Howell
“Because of the unique requirements of the South Australian Gulf channels and waterways we urgently needed a shallow water craft in our flotilla. We chose Polycraft, and this vessel will be a huge benefit for our Coast resources.”
Janet McDonald
Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association
"Last trip we managed 34.3km and consumed 9.5L of fuel, didn't involve any trolling. Very pleasing economy. Cheers, Tyson"
Tyson Halliday
Suzuki DF70A
"A craft that combines all of the desired elements in a tough and extremely seaworthy craft."
John Willis
Seacruiser 7000HT
"I compared all the boats in the 4m range and it was so much better in quality than all the boats in that range. Since I received my boat I have highly recommended Richardson marine to many other people who are interested in buying an Anglapro boat"
Anglapro Stealth 394 Spec
"Generally very impressed. Highly recommend"
John Wallis - ph 0439814824
Anglapro Stealth 424 Spec
"Perfect for what I want, I matched it up with a garmin 820xs sounder and a 70 HP Suzuki 4-stroke. The 70hp suzuki has any amount of punch. Better than I expected"
TJ Symons - ph 0407804230
Anglapro Sniper 484 Pro
"Great boat had it for a few years. Best dealer around and they sell the worlds best outboard"
Steve Moore - ph 03 55625031
Anglapro Stealth 424 Pro
"Old fashioned down to earth advice and care. The best boat I have ever owned. Finish, build, performance bay and river, fishing and tow tubing. I and my family love the performance, stability and room the Sniper 454 Pro offers. I even have the Sniper and ANGLAPRO stickers on my car. We love the boat"
Vaughan Scott - ph 0432227208
Anglapro Sniper 454 Pro
"It has no peers. built like a brick sh__house and rides very well."
Darren Dwyer - ph 03 5244 4205
Anglapro Chaser 424
"Very satisfied with the boat. No complaints, highly recommended."
John Clancy
Anglapro Getaway 424 Pro
"Excellent. Full length flat floor makes it very spacious for a small boat. Easy to deal with via both phone and email. Staff were efficient and attended to additional work requests very professionally."
Peter Cameron
Anglapro Chaser 454 CLX
"Best boat ever had. Great price and great service."
Brendon Giddings - 0438730283
Anglapro Stealth 424
"In the past month alone my Anglapro Outlaw 454 has allowed me to fish a wide variety of different angling scenarios from bream tournaments to bluefin , trout down rigging to casting and trolling for mulloway. The boat is small enough to handle beach launching or shallow trout lakes yet big enough to handle inshore sea options and large lake systems."
Mark Gerkovich - 0407 205 234
Anglapro Outlaw 454 Pro
"Bloody brilliant, very stable and a great ride."
Godfrey Strong - 0420300262
Anglapro Bandit 454 Pro
"Chose it for the checker-plate self-draining deck. You can't vacuum up fish guts!"
Chris Beaton
Anglapro Chaser Commercial 15
"Awesome. I love it and so does my young son. It is very stable so you always feel sure footed and safe even in a bit of chop."
Clarke Strahan
Anglapro Sniper 444 Pro
"A very strong, functional and capable boat for its size. Very refreshing to experience such a high standard of service."
Bruce Burns
Anglapro Chaser 404 CLX
"Built for fishing - highly recommended, and good people to deal with."
Simon Craven - 0408254018
Stabicraft 1850 Supercab
“It is a weapon! The rougher it gets, the happier it is, and the harder you drive it, the better it goes.”
David Flukes
Stabicraft 2100 Supercab
"Extremely happy overall with sales service and boat"
Stabicraft 1850 Supercab
"Well built, and such a practical fishing platform. Service was very good."
Matthew Meilak - ph 0408330256
Stabicraft 1850 Supercab
The guys at Richardson Marine made it so easy to sell my boat!
John Johnson
"Thanks to Richardson marine took the big Suzuki for a run yesterday absolutely awesome thanks again boys!"
Chad Lewis
Suzuki DF225TX
"Though 5m is not a large boat it has a presence on the water that gives me confidence in the boat's and my ability."
Philip Clarke
Stabicraft 1650 Fisher
"My brother and I fished a bass competition at Somerset as team Polycraft and picked up second place. It was my first bass comp this year and it was interesting to see some of onlookers checking out the Polycraft between the sessions. Even with all the fast and flash American imports, I had a couple of different groups interested in my boat. I guess the fancy imports might look good but a lot of guys genuinely interested in buying a boat can’t afford one or it’s too impractical."
Jason Ehrlich
Tournament Fisherman
"Being an open vessel there is an endless amount of visibility available in a 360 degree arc around the boat which is perfect for spotting schools of busting tuna or sunbaking kingfish. One of the benefits of the side console is that it is so easy to drive, fight and land big fish by yourself in the back corner."
Scott Gray
Seacruiser 5600CC


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