Haines Signature

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Our founder John Sydney Haines AM came from a background of family boat builders and fishermen on the Brisbane Waters, north of Sydney, where he learned many of the lessons that he used to build The Haines Group into the business that it is today.
Much has been said of his prowess as an offshore racer and his commitment to the marine industry. He has trophies to burn, awards to display and an Order of Australia medal to confirm them. What is not readily known is the fact that as a boat designer, he was self taught through many hours of application, investigation and dedication to the process of learning. After being forced from a previous company in 1980 by venture capital partners, John set about building the SignatureTM trailerboats along with his sons and wife Alida in a true family business. They made the moulds together, they built boats together and then raced together when offshore racing was a competition between pleasure boats – raced for both pleasure and product development purposes. John and the two boys learned how to build and design boats together. John’s boys were conscripted to the work ethic that “you never ask someone to do anything that you have not yourself done before”. They learned the skills of boat building from the ground up. As well as their production involvement they were encouraged to take on further study in management to compliment their boating skills. By the time John left us on 22 August 2009 both John Jnr and Greg had established themselves as respected members of the boating community. Each of them in different aspects of the company and each with different skill sets to ensure the ongoing growth of the company into the future. “Hainesy”, as he is fondly remembered, has stamped an indelible mark on the trailerboat industry which will take some surpassing. He has left his boys, his team and his industry with a legacy to be proud of. You can almost hear him now walking through the assembly lines of his beloved factory surveying the boats of his design with the chest slightly puffed with pride noting the philosophy that he instilled into his boys and his company. “Perfection is attained by doing the common thing uncommonly well”. Thank you John Sydney Haines AM for your vision, your experience and your commitment. You are a legend and your legacy is in safe hands.

The strongest built boats just got stronger.
Haines Signature Boats have long been regarded as Australia’s best built boats with more than 55 years of innovation in the Australian trailer boat market. In 2015, The Haines Group introduced Carbon Kevlar® fabric into their hulls providing maximum strength, impact, tear and penetration resistance. Testing has shown further reinforcement to key planning areas of the hull will create stronger, more efficient high performance boating which has increased structural integrity without additional weight. Carbon Kevlar® is strategically laid throughout the hull with the fibres running in a specific direction focussing the reinforcement to areas of the hull that takes the majority of impact. The Structural Resin is then combined with Carbon Kevlar® fabric locking the fibres into position providing immense impact resistance. We sandwich the Carbon Kevlar® fabric between multiple layers of fibreglass matting and woven rovings which gives it a unique strength.

“Plane” talk about saving fuel
The world-patented Signature Variable Deadrise Hull™ SVDH™ has not only revolutionised the ride, it is also acclaimed for its fuel saving benefits. SVDH™ technology lifts your Haines SignatureTM effortlessly onto the plane and it stays there at impressively lower speeds, using less power, and therefore, less fuel. To achieve such remarkable fuel economy and stability when the boat’s at rest, the hull’s deadrise is a striking 21° to 33° – the greatest of any boat in Australia today.

Advantages of SVDH™

– Safety – vision not obscured at slower speeds

– Sits lower in the water at rest – more stable when walking from side to side

– Softer riding – retains a deep deadrise (vee) which cuts through rough water

– Fuel saving – more efficient hull

– Lower planing speeds

– Dry ride