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Polycraft is dedicated to producing soft and quiet riding, strong, durable, and easy to clean and maintain boats purpose built for fisherman and recreational boaters alike. We use a roto-moulded polyethylene construction system to build dual hull boats in one seamless piece. There are many advantages of using polyethylene in the boat construction process – it is not susceptible to electrolysis or osmosis, never requires painting, is easy to clean, UV stable, and requires little or no maintenance. The low density polyethylene used in Polycraft boats is naturally buoyant and has several times the impact resistance of traditional boat building materials such as fiberglass and aluminium.

The ride characteristics of a Polycraft boat also have to be experienced to be believed. The low density polyethylene used in the manufacturing process is designed to be flexible, thus enhancing the on water performance of the hull by flexing and absorbing wave impact and noise into the hull and not the passenger. This all goes into creating a smooth, quite ride that is unique to Polycraft boats.

All Polycraft boats are also covered by a 4 year hull warranty (recreational use) and 1 year hull warranty (commercial use).

Roto-moulded polyethylene has emerged as one of the most revolutionary materials used in boat building and Polycraft is proud to be at the cutting edge of this new development in boat building technology. It’s worth noting here that the first roto-moulded polyethylene boat can be traced back to Norway in 1959.

The roto-moulding process is not only very efficient at producing hulls, it is also very good for the environment. This is another unique selling feature that helps make Polycraft stand out from the crowd. Our Polycraft boats are produced using a zero-emissions manufacturing process (and also just happen to be 100% recyclable).

Polycraft produced its first boat, the 3.00 Tuff Tender, right back in 2001. Since that time, several new Polycraft boat models have been added to the range and the Polycraft name has gained recognition from the marketplace as a quality, durable Australian made product that competes with the best of locally made and imported boats. Polycraft’s parent company, National Poly Industries, has been manufacturing polyethylene tanks and products (other than boats) for over 15 year and has a wealth of experience in this area.

Polycraft boats are available across the full mid-size range spectrum, from the 3.00 Tuff Tender, right through to the flagship 6 metre 5.99 Frontier. A comprehensive range of layouts are available, including Cuddy Cabin, Runabout, Centre Console, Side Console and Open.

Innovation, technological development and total commitment to quality are what drives us at Polycraft. We will continue to develop new and innovative boat models with the aim being to continue to be at the leading edge of boat building technology and performance.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Should you have further queries or like to find out more about our great range of Polycraft boats, please do not hesitate to contact one of our 40+ strong Polycraft Dealer Network (or alternatively you may like to contact us direct).

We welcome you to become part of the Polycraft Story as we continue on our journey of building high quality, innovative, leading edge, Australian made boats.

Best regards on behalf of the Polycraft Team,

Grainger McFarlane
Managing Director

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Why should I buy a Polycraft?


Soft and Quiet Ride – the hull flexes when it comes into contact with the water and waves, thus absorbing much of the energy in ocean swells.
Strong and durable – no joins or seams in the one piece hull design which means there is incredible hull strength and integrity.
Awesome on water performance – just one ride in a Polycraft is all it takes to see and feel the amazing benefits of these boats.
Easy to clean and maintain – no electrolysis or osmosis, and the boats never require painting.
Stable – all Polycraft boats have extended chines which grip the water and provide a very high level of stability when the boat is at rest and when it is underway.
Competitively priced – the price of our Polycraft range of boats is very competitive, especially when compared to many of our competitors.

What is the thickness of the hull?


The hull is a seamless, dual skin design with an average hull thickness of up to 10mm for each skin i.e. each boat has on average hull thickness of at least up to 20mm. This hull thickness compares favorably with many of our competitors hulls.

Will direct sunlight affect a Polycraft?


The plastic compound used by Polycraft is a low density Polyethylene manufactured specifically for the construction of our boats. The material is UV stable and has a UV rating of 11 which is much higher than most plastics (for example, a wheelie bin which spends all its time in the sun and outdoors only has a UV rating of 2).

How long have Polycraft boats been made?


Polycraft has manufactured boats in Bundaberg since 2001. It is worth noting that the first roto-moulded polyethylene boat was manufactured in Norway way back in 1959.

How strong is Polyethylene?


Polyethylene has an impact resistance around 5 times better than fiberglass. It is quite difficult to severely damage a boat made out of polyethylene as the inherent nature of the material is to flex on impact.

Can I repair a Polycraft myself if it is damaged?


The simple answer is yes you can. A heat gun and some poly welding rod is all that is required. If you are not quite the home handyman, we recommend the services of a professional plastics repairer, such as a car repairer who specializes in repairing plastic bumper bars etc.

What trailer should I use?


All Polycraft boats must be trailered and stored on a Polycraft approved trailer. Currently there is only (1) trailer manufacturers that produce Polycraft approved trailers – Oceanic Trailers. The full length skids on these purpose built trailers, help to support and cradle the hull. Trailering and storage of a Polycraft boat on a regular ‘rollered’ trailer will see the hull warp and buckle due to the impact of the hull weight on the roller mounds.

How do I anti-foul my Polycraft?


* Step 1 – Sand the hull with a medium to course grade sandpaper
* Step 2 – Clean surface with high pressure cleaner
* Step 3 – Apply Buff Primer as per instructions (Altex Coatings*)
* Step 4 – Apply Ultra Build 520 as per instructions (Altex Coatings*)
* Step 5 – Apply suitable antifouling that best suits your particular location.

What are the environmental benefits of a Polycraft boat?


Our Polycraft boats are produced using a zero-emissions manufacturing process. The hull is also 100 % recyclable.

How do you stick rego numbers to the hull?


Clean the area where stickers are to be applied with “Shellite” (spirits based cleaner) then apply stickers. In extreme cases where your sticker still won’t stick, heat the boat with a heat gun or a loose naked flame until it takes on a shiny appearance, then allow to cool and clean with “Shellite” (spirits based cleaner). Stickers can then be applied to the prepared surface.

How do i clean my Polycraft?


Normal everyday washing only requires fresh water and you may wish to use a form of marine wash. If your Polycraft is really grubby you can use engine degreaser, truck wash, or CT18 which is available at most Supercheap Auto stores and wash down with a high pressure hose.

NOTE: Do not try and polish your boat with car polish or any type of buffing compound, this will have the reverse effect. Once the boat has been washed thoroughly you can buff the boat with a lambswool buffing pad (no liquids)