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Your family and friends will be safe with the unequalled stability provided by Stabicraft’s airtight chambered hull design, either while under power or at rest.
Stabicraft’s chambered design allows occupants to move freely about the deck, even all on one side. Few other boats on the market can match Stabicraft’s positive buoyancy and design safety.
Even if a chamber is pierced, the separate water-tight chambers limit the damage, making a Stabicraft vessel virtually unsinkable.

When travelling at speed, Stabicraft hulls create a cushion of water under each life-ring chamber, thus softening the ride for your family.
Observe a Stabicraft at speed compared to most other boats and you will immediately become aware of how little spray rises above the gunwales because it is deflected and trapped by the hull design. This contributes to passenger comfort and dryness of ride.

Apart from aiding buoyancy, Stabicraft’s life-ring chambers with internal hull bracing provide longitudinal rigidity to the boat.
The unique design of the life-ring affords more cockpit space than most other similarly styled boats.
What gives greater confidence are things not easily seen. For example, the entire hull is meticulously welded and finished to a standard that is without peer in the aluminium boat building industry.

Some boats float better than others. That’s design.
Advanced metal extrusion technology is used to create continuous sealed chambers that provide a life-ring on the upper-outer extremities of the boat. Each vessel’s life-ring contains at least three air-tight chambers.
The stepped molding of our slim-lined air-tight chambers, once attached to the hull, create a cushion of air that allows the boat to plane over rough water. With the addition of an air-tight chamber between the floor and hull these boats become virtually unsinkable.


When you make the decision to own a boat, you want to know that you are dealing with a boatbuilder that places safety and integrity above all else. With Stabicraft, safety is everything.

Stabicraft are the world’s best designed aluminium chambered boats for business and leisure bar none.
It’s a bold claim, but one you can believe in.
The first to pioneer positive buoyancy life-ring protection. Stabicraft boats are a triumph of kiwi ingenuity over the elements.
A breakthrough combination of strength, stability, safety, comfort, performance and unbeatable usability. Tested in the ‘roaring forties’* of New Zealand’s southern waters.
Stabicraft prove their worth no matter what’s thrown at them.

Quality control starts with the purchase and inspection of raw materials, and continues through each stage of the manufacturing process. Each work-centre inspects the previous work-centre’s components before they are accepted, ensuring high quality and efficiency during a vessel’s manufacture.
We invest in both people and plant to ensure we retain our cutting edge. Stabicraft Marine welders are certified to international standards and are part of a robust training programme that has been utilised since the company’s inception in 1987.
Safety has always been at the forefront of Stabicraft Marine’s principles and we were one of the first New Zealand boat manufacturers to sign up for CPC certification as an independent verification of build standard. Stabicraft was also the first New Zealand manufacturer to sign up for the Australian Boat Builders Plate programme.
Commercially rated hulls are standard in our larger boats, the 2400, 2600 and 2900 Supercabs, and optional for medium sized Supercabs.

Particular attention is given to each and every Stabicraft boat produced, with quality and pride of workmanship being an important aspect of the manufacturing process. A quality checking system is in place to check material and components at each stage of production, ensuring every Stabicraft product that enters the market place is not just superior in terms of quality but exceeds the standards of the boating industry.
Stabicraft boats are made to order. After an order has been confirmed, high quality marine grade aluminium sheets are precision-cut and pressed using high-tech, computerised equipment according to Stabicraft’s exacting design specifications.
The hull, floor and tube frame are fabricated into a complete lower half of the craft using full boat-sized jigs ensuring complete accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. All components are precision welded by Stabicraft’s highly qualified welders.
The superstructure (cabin) is fitted and pre-paint preparation is completed. The vessel is sprayed with high quality PPG paint with a wide variety of colours and finishes infamous throughout Stabicraft vessels. Modern and smart graphic packages are featured through the entire range, fitted with high quality components to ensure a hassle free and long lasting quality relationship between owner and boat.

Stabicraft’s dedicated team includes qualified and experienced boat builders, a large design team and a sales and supply chain system that ensure your new boat is delivered on time, on budget and meets our rigorous manufacturing standards.
The design team combine the latest in 3-dimensional boat modelling technology, advances in precision engineering techniques and their own on-the-water experience to produce world class boats.
All Stabicraft boats are built to NZ Boating Industries Assn CPC Certified standards. CPC certification means you, the customer, get an independent engineering certification of the hull structure, an independent factory audit of build compliance and a safety item fit out to international standards.

All Stabicraft certified welders are to British Standard 4782 Pt 2.

Stabicraft Marine has the ability to produce to US National Marine Manufacturers Association standards.

Stabicraft has the ability to produce to AU Survey standards for particular commercial vessels.

Stabicraft is part of the ‘New Zealand Way’, a certificate which assures you of the highest export quality.