4 March, 2015

The Shipwreck Coast Fishing Classic starts this Saturday 7th march and runs for a week, with presentations on Sunday 15th.  Online is the easiest way to enter, click here.  Manual entries will be taken at the Warrnambool Breakwater gantry site on Friday 6th March from 5-7pm, and at each nightly 7pm weigh-in.  The major prize Anglapro Chaser 454 CLX with Suzuki DT40EL outboard and custom designed Easy Tow full skid drive-on trailer is an absolute beauty, and every $25/$30 entrant is eligible, as this is simply a lucky draw – you just have to be at the presentations.10994452_727833560664565_6057123704492293237_o

The tuna are still in nice and close between Port Fairy and Portland, often proving hard to catch, with methods like stick-baiting, jigging, and using livies working for some when other methods aren’t.

Scott Gray and Mick Allardyce had a top day out yesterday, catching both tuna and kingfish.IMG_6648 IMG_6650 IMG_6652

Trav and Darcy Graham snuck in a quick session after work and caught three before daylight prevented them catching any more.IMG_6653 11045396_10205518621740883_771479343235773464_n IMG_6654

3 March, 2015

Tim Goodall is pictured here with a ripper 9.8kg blue-eye from yesterday with Peter Kavanagh out off Warrnambool.  They caught a good feed of them and would’ve had 2 more were it not for a good size, hungry mako shark, which they subsequently hooked and fought on the bottom gear and got it beside the boat where it was lost, along with some gear…  They also caught a few nice flathead in a little closer.IMG_0245

2 March, 2015

Berkley Muldoon is up at Darwin at the moment on his honeymoon, and managed to get out on a fishing charter, landing this ripper 35lb barra, and beautiful threadfin salmon.  We’re not sure which is the most meritorious feat, joining the “1-metre-barra-club”, or the fact that he went out fishing on his honeymoon!20150227_114645 IMG_0291