8 February, 2016

Portland continues to produce a mixture of kings and tuna.  On Cassius Cray yesterday we had a fun session catching plenty of 60-65cm just size models, and a couple around 88-89cm.IMG_9954 IMG_9960 IMG_9961

Tony McIlroy, as well as a couple of nice kingies, was able to tempt one of the finicky tuna.IMG_2783 IMG_9980

Aaron Mitchell had a good dive yesterday – they caught crays up to 3kg.IMG_9981

5 February, 2016

Matty Cook jumped in the water off Warrnambool on Tuesday evening for a nice cray.IMG_0864

Some others also enjoyed the flat seas as well!12662595_695404710602471_7205155088720519532_n

Mick Jennings got this nice kingy on Tuesday.IMG_9929

Scott Gray scored the tuna-kingfish double again this week.IMG_9930

Tyson Halliday enlisted the help of Salty Dog Charters and cracked his first kingfish.IMG_9932

1 February, 2016

A mako each from a couple of boats fishing off Port Fairy on Saturday.IMG_9917 IMG_9918

Gary Kermond ended up with 5 yellowtail kingfish on Saturday at Portland, all taking squid.  They also got “smoked” twice by bigger fish.IMG_9919 IMG_9920

Saltydog Charters has also been amongst the action.IMG_9916