22 July, 2014

Scott Gray found the tuna again today off Port Fairy, while finicky he got plenty of hits on the xrap 15.10429466_251945718334814_973171389595021298_n

Paul Ford reports plenty of perch at Nelson at the moment, his biggest today 42cmIMG_5407

Chris Considine, Rhooky and Peter Goode, went off Port Fairy yesterday, didn’t hit the water until about 11:30, fish were everywhere, busted 2 off on 2kg & 8kg, but still managed to bag out.IMG_5408

Jamie McLaren and Sean Hunter got this 25kg gummy out of Port Fairy on Sunday.IMG_5409

21 July, 2014

Here’s Abby Pohlner with her first ever Estuary Perch caught in the Hopkins.photo

Peter Goode and Mark Kita went off Port Fairy again yesterday and bagged out on tuna by 9:30am, then went to the shelf to test his new ELECTRA Electric Reel (available at Richardson Marine), and got 2 nice gem fish.  On Saturday Mark also ended up getting a 10kg gummy.

IMG_5405Here is Emma Anderson with her first tuna off Portland yesterday, fishing with “the best dad ever”:IMG_5406

Yesterday saw the Warrnambool Offshore & Light Game Fishing Club hold a surf fishing outing at East Beach, Port Fairy, and those who resisted the temptation of the favourable offshore conditions had a great family day, with a few salmon being caught by the more accomplished anglers (i.e. not yours truly!)
IMG_5394 10490096_1444033202535809_7010154578603125300_o 10368801_1444033239202472_4137908346719267066_o

Salty Dog Charters at Port Fairy also showed yesterday that there are still plenty of tuna around, bagging out by 9:30am.10565076_916738265019089_6427502662379501111_n 10569026_916738318352417_3258259709908156059_n 10561743_916738295019086_8559498404578835499_n 10414841_916738341685748_8823027848413341395_n

Pictured here is some of the catch from Port MacDonnell Fishing Charters on Saturday, when they caught 32 tuna by 10:00 and then bottom fished and caught 4 gummy shark 3 snapper 5 morwong and Heath landed a very nice school shark.10502054_728428953880926_2231301271860095093_n 10489658_728428920547596_1634555882981749622_n

This is the ripper snapper that Adam Ziakas caught at Port MacDonnell on Saturday.10547330_10203114351078041_3832276692848541494_o

Andrew Westlake thoughtfully retrieved this gas cylinder which was floating about in the ocean on Saturday.  Scary to think of the effect hitting this at 20 knots would be, and a reminder to always be on the lookout ahead when travelling on the water.



20 July, 2014

Peter Goode and Mark Kita got their bag of tuna at Port Fairy yesterday morning before heading for a bottom fish.IMG_5380

Andrew Westlake had three first time tuna anglers Lee, Gavin, and Danny, and Roy along to help.  10 tuna from 12 hook-ups.  All in 49 metres due south of Port Fairy – birds working and fish were keen from 9:00 to 11:30am.  Water temp 15.3 deg.  Pictured also are their best lures from the day.IMG_5382 IMG_5383

On Cassius Cray we headed over to Port MacDonnell and there is an unbelievable amount of tuna in 25-50m spread right through, and taking all lures. We caught around 35-40, keeping a feed and releasing the rest, for the last couple of hours just running a couple of light rods. All the other boats there had similar results, with most then doing well on the bottom with a mixture of snapper (one of 7-8kg), gummies and schoolies, and a big bronze whaler estimated over 100kg which one of the boats released.  Checked Portland on the way home and there were a few frames in the bins but not heaps, consensus was that it was a little slow, however some boats did do really well.IMG_7309 IMG_7310 IMG_7313 IMG_7314 IMG_7321 IMG_7332 IMG_7333 IMG_7335