The voyage of Richardson Marine began with a love of boats, fishing, diving, and the South-West Victorian Coastline.

While Ed Richardson’s nautical passion was apparent from a very young age, it has been in the last 20 years that he has made it his craft.  Ed wanted to build a boat for himself – for the Southern Ocean. What started as qualifying as an aluminium fabricator and boat builder led to employment in South Australia working on the fabrication of some of the most respected plate alloy boats for the recreational and commercial market.

From there Richardson Marine was born – back home in Warrnambool, building totally individually customised plate aluminium boats and trailers, with a primary focus on build strength and quality, along with the right design for a quality ride in our unpredictable seas.

And yes, finally, this included Ed building himself a boat!  Although he’s lost count since that first one – as one of the aspects of Richardson Marine’s success has been a constant quest for improvement – improvements Ed takes seriously and tests for himself.

The Seacruiser brand was a natural progression from custom-building, essentially creating a range of standard hulls and configurations – still with customised fit-outs, and still with the same focus on build quality, strength, and design.

Every good boat needs a good engine, and Richardson Marine are proud to be a sole Suzuki Marine dealer.  An engine brand doesn’t have an unchallenged slogan of “The World’s Best 4-stroke” without reason.

Moving to its current premises at 1056 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool, in 2010, Richardson Marine has a very busy service department – with a team dedicated to servicing all makes and models of engines, boat and trailer maintenance and repairs, as well as customisations, fit-outs such as electronics, anchor winches, boatcatches, rod holders, engine re-powers, and all aluminium fabrication including hard-tops, pods, and more.

Richardson Marine has carefully chosen brands to complement the local market and conditions in the South-West.

Anglapro Boats build high-quality aluminium boats specialising in the 4m to 5m size, although they do have a lighter weight range of tinnies including your “car topper” style.  Their strength is their strength, and when put alongside their competition in this category, the 3mm bottom and sides, extra ribbing support and build quality is noticeable – and they really do sell themselves.

Stabicraft Marine, a New Zealand builder of plate aluminium chambered boats for the recreational and commercial market, are a well known market leader.  While their range features some smaller, sub-5m models, the boats that have taken the South-West Victorian market by storm have been the Supercab models from 5.6m and up, which offer protection from the elements, unrivalled stability and safety, while recent improvements in their pontoon design give a ride quality that has to be experienced to be believed.  They do say the Kiwis have welding ability ingrained in their DNA, and it’s difficult to argue against this when you see the workmanship in a Stabicraft boat.

Polycraft Boats are a low maintenance, virtually unbreakable, polyethylene construction vessel.  With models from a 3.0m tender to a 5.99m serious offshore option, they are definitely worth a look, and if you speak to anyone who has either been in one or owns one, you will hear nothing but high praise.  Readily able to go in to survey, they also suit a range of commercial applications.

Garmin Marine are a world-leading marine electronics brand, their quality and fierce quest to constantly develop and improve the technologies available to boaters and be a market leader in this field, has meant we have happily chosen them as our sole supplier of marine electronics.  Our team are all happily running Garmin electronics in all their boats, and as such are able and willing to help our customers get the most out of theirs.  Garmin’s slogan is “The power of simple”, and while today’s technology in some of the units is mind-blowing, the actual user interface is very “layman-friendly”.

Richardson Marine can also arrange finance for customer purchases, all done on site.

In-store at Richardson Marine, you will also find a range of fishing and boating accessories, hand-picked to suit the area and predominant local fishing requirements.

The freshest bait in the South-west is located in our freezer and available to enhance your chances of catching a fish, along with our minus-eleven degree flake ice from our ice machine, with a hint of salt water to reduce it’s freezing temperature, hence staying frozen longer to keep you catch, or your beverages, colder, for longer.

Our close-knit team are all fishers and boaters themselves, and as such take great pride in making sure the on-water experiences of our customers are second to none.

We look forward to our marine voyage continuing, and we hope you’ll join our convoy!

Ed Richardson

"The Captain" - store owner Ed Richardson, a plate aluminium boat builder by trade, still jumps on the tools occasionally, but spends most of his time running the business, looking after his team and clients.

Adrian Slater

Head mechanic Adrian Slater possesses a wealth of mechanical, marine, and organisational knowledge and experience spanning several decades.  He loves a challenge, enjoys a chat, and works on boat engines  like a surgeon on a patient.

Matthew Cook

Equally happy a few fathoms below the surface as he his sitting atop waiting for a rod to buckle, Matt's a qualified mechanic and specialist outboard fitter.  He'll service your engine like it's his own.

Tom Fox

Tom is a young mechanic with a keen thirst for knowledge on all things marine, particularly electronics. While an experienced freshwater angler, with his new Anglapro Sniper, blue water species are running scared too!

Scott Gray

Scott Gray manages the Tackle Shack and brings with him a wealth of information on recreational fishing in the region. Scott has over 20 years experience in the recreational fishing industry and is also a ...